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Okay so today hasn't been that great. Well, I woke up at around 10 something because the alarm clock was going off in my mom's room, meaning that she had to get up for work. So I walked into her room, turned off the alarm, and woke her ass up. Yeah, it's like an everyday thing. So anyway, I get downstairs and i'm totally hungry so I put some Long John Silvers in the microwave and gobbled it down as soon as it finished. I was so glad that I woke up in time to watch Jerry Springer. It's become a ritual to me to watch Jerry Springer every weekday morning. Well, my mom left, and ass soon as she did I light up a Newport and enjoyed the strong menthol flavored cigarette while indulging myself in the fake drama on Jerry Springer. Afterwards I retreated back to my room where I watched Murder By Numbers. Damn, Michael Pitt is so fucking hot in that movie. I wanna lick the screen everytime I watch it. I walked to the store with my brother soon afterwards. i picked up some sprites, some sunchips, and vanilla gotta have vanilla pudding, I mean it's just so fucking good. Anyway, afterwards I got on the computer and thought up a new sn. So, my new sn is MiyaviObsessed, because i am fucking obsessed. Seriously, people will sit there and ask me "obsess much?" it's just that insane. Well, I really don't have much else to say except: Suffocation is ALWAYS a threat! Oh and Cathy, if you read this, I love you much silly! ^_~
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