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I've been thinking a lot today about what I want to do when I get older. Since my brother has applied for college I have given it a lot of thought. The thought of actually growing up scares me. I can't picture life other than how it is now. I thought for a while and as my mother and I ate at The Hong Kong Buffet I finally decided. I think that I'd enjoy being a nurse, except I would work in a Doctor's office rather than a hospital. It seems that it would work out nicely for me. I wouldn't be under too much stress, but I'd have a job that meant something...not only to me but to others. I really hope that Mike makes it and gets to move to Japan. I know it's his dream. He's been talking about it for months. I can remember when he sent away for applications from colleges in Japan. He was pretty crushed when my mother told him that she didn't have the money to put him through college in Japan. I felt really bad for him, no matter how many fights we get in, he's still my brother and I will always love him. I really wish that he gets to live out his dream. It would really make me proud of him. If he worked as hard as he could, just to fulfill that dream. You may think that I'm just rambling on about nothing, but to me, this means a lot. Well, I think I'll go now. I'll most likely make some more miyavi aim expressions if you're interested im me, you know my sn ^_~
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